World’s Greatest Critic Review

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Our first review has just come in from J.C. Macek III also known as the World’s Greatest Critic.

Here are two snippets of what he had to say.

“The truth is that, ultra-indie or not, Branin’s third film (and first full-length feature) is a complex and deep work that easily transcends any initial impressions its subject matter might give.”

“Branin has written and directed a very smart and subtle film that shows he can make an engrossing and memorable movie.

We certainly encourage you to read his entire review.  It does contain some spoilers.  Overall our film received a 4/5 stars with some great commentary.

The Full Review –


Appearance on LA Talk Radio

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Writer/Director David Branin and Actor/Producer Gregor Collins stop by to talk about their fresh-off-the-presses first feature, “Night Before the Wedding.” David’s fiance and actress, Karen Worden, also stops by and adds some much needed female perspective.

The show is called In the Can hosted by Kip Brown on LA Talk Radio.

Kip was positive in his reaction to the film. As a matter of fact, he sent us this quote today.

“Night Before the Wedding is a funny film with a great cast and a storyline that is FULL of surprises”
Kip Brown, Radio Host LA Talk Radio’s In the Can

Hope you enjoy listening to this interview and finding out a little more about our story and hearing about Night Before the Wedding.

Here is the link –
(Click on the show from March 14th, 2009)

Would love to hear what you think.

On the Set – Night Before the Wedding

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We just uploaded this video. It is the first glimpse of what it was like to be on the set of my debut feature film, Night Before the Wedding.

Director David Branin provided the Cast and Crew a Mini-DV camera and told them they could film whatever they wanted. This video is the result.

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Would you like YOUR NAME in ‘Night Before the Wedding’ Ending Credits?

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Well the good new is that it is not too late, though the window is beginning to close.

Here’s the overall update on our first feature film, “Night Before the Wedding.” This film is one that we have been working on since September 2007. We have put in a lot of energy and effort to see our dream of completing this first feature film.

We are proud to say that we are almost there having achieved picture-lock last week. That means all that remains is color correction, sound design and music. The credit roll at the end of the film will be finalized as well. We are aiming to have this work done by March.

We initiated a ‘Pre-Order’ DVD campaign before we shot the film. Those who are showing support and faith in our project, we are rewarding by thanking them in our film’s credits and on our website (which we are redesigning).

So if you would like to become part of this campaign, now is a great time. Another perk of ordering now is that it guarantees you will see the film before it reaches the mainstream. (Due to a variety of distribution factors, we cannot say when that will be.)

Everyone who has pre-ordered the DVD will receive a limited-edition DVD with the completed movie.

To pre-order “Night Before the Wedding,” please visit
Enter the site and click on the banner on top of the screen.

To order offline, you are welcome to send a $15 check
payable to Glimpse of Dreams, LLC.

Glimpse of Dreams Productions
8314 Jayseel Street
Sunland, CA 91040

If you cannot order a DVD at this time, you can also show your support by signing on to be a ‘Fan’ on our Facebook Fan Page. Just log in and click on ‘Become a Fan’

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David Branin Launches Film Courage Blog

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Here is an excerpt as to why Filmmaker David Branin created Film Courage.

Why this blog? Why now? The answer. My film career is at the crossroads. We will soon discover together what lies ahead. I debated what to call this blog for about a week now. No idea seemed to be right. Just moments ago, the words Film Courage popped into my head, and now this blog has begun. I owe inspiration for the title of this blog to a brilliant and talented actor friend of mine who is as passionate about his craft as anyone I know.

I dedicate my journey and this blog to all kindred creative souls. For the sacrifices, the daily rejection, the criticism and judgment. May we have it within ourselves to create our own magic to move mountains.

Here is the direct link,

Film Synergy to Launch Interview Series with “Night Before the Wedding” Cast and Crew

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Film Synergy is announcing today that it is launching an exciting new Interview Series with various members from the Cast of Crew of the upcoming indie feature film, Night Before the Wedding. This is part of Film Synergy’s initiative to provide top notch content in regards to Independent Filmmaking.

The premise of Night Before the Wedding is one that takes you inside a modern bachelor party. It’s not one of those over the top raunchy comedies. Not to say that the film doesn’t have a wild side.

Here’s the logline: “Before straight-laced William Shay weds his soul mate, he must get through one last wild night with his best buddies…but the party quickly turns serious when he finds himself alone with a real life porn star.”

From L-R – Actors Gregor Collins, John Keating, James Anthony McQuillan, Chad Davis, Frantz Durand, Zane Patterson, and Kevin Deen (on table) prepare for a scene in Night Before the Wedding.

The film was shot primarily in one location, a two-story house in North Hills, CA. It is an ensemble piece that features 17 actors and actresses, including a platinum selling rapper and an adult film star. The film is now in Post-Production and is expected to reach public audiences in 2009.

Stock Market crashing but not everything is going down…

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While the financial crisis continues on Wall Street, there is positive news to be found in our realm.  Combined internet views of our ‘Extended Teaser Trailer’ for Night Before the Wedding has exceeded 5000 views.  Not too shabby.  This is great news considering we have not been able to really promote it, as we are submersed in the editing process.  Coming up for air to report this news, then it is right back to editing.

The ‘Teaser Trailer’ does not feature one frame of footage from the film itself.  So you do not have to worry about spoilers.  People have asked if the film is a documentary because the ‘Teaser’ is shot in documentary fashion.  No it is not a documentary.  It is a full fledged scripted feature film.  We will have an official theatrical trailer online as soon as we can.  We currently have Production Stills online and we are certain to have Screenshots in the near future.

We encourage you to view the trailer.  We would love your feedback.  If you like what you see, please help us spread the word by passing the trailer on.

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